Friday, December 7, 2018

#23 Bill Tuttle

Bill Tuttle played fourteen seasons as a big league centerfielder, primarily with the Tigers and Athletics. His hitting was run-of-the-mill but his speed, glovework and throwing arm stood out and kept him in the lineup even in an age of big sluggers.

Two things I always think of when I hear his name...the fact that he never seemed to smile on any of his cards and that he always had that big chaw of tobacco in his cheek.  That chewing habit ended up killing him through mouth and throat cancer. But in his later life, he used his own medical issues to help stem the use of the products that eventually ended his life. This page tells his story and a few others.

I always like card backs with cartoons showing players engaged in other sports. Tuttle's card references his days as a college hoops star at Bradley.